We can't grow without you - at Ginger Lily Bugs, our customers are the centre of our business. We want to be a company you can rely on to deliver fantastic quality fabric that exceed your expectations.

If we think something does not look quite right, or we wouldn't be 100% happy with how something has printed, we will always try our best to contact you before you receive your fabrics; however, there are occasions where things can slip through the net. 

We want to work with you to ensure a positive experience and resolution, that is both achievable and meets your expectations. If you have found a flaw in your fabric or are not happy with something, or maybe you just want to feedback something that isn't causing any problems at all, but you think it might be useful for us to know - please get in touch via email (, using the following template. 


Order Number: 

Description of flaw:


Desired outcome A:

Desired outcome B:


Example A

Name: John Smith

Order Number: 1234

Description of flaw: Small hole in fabric in top right hand corner, approximately 2mm across, 5cm from edge of fabric. 

Desired outcome A: N/A - this flaw does not affect my make, but I thought it would be helpful to inform you, incase this was a more widespread problem. 

Desired outcome B: -

Photos: *attached* 


Example B

Name: Jane Smith

Order Number: 1111

Description of flaw: Small ink bleed in fabric approximately 40cm from left hand edge and 50 cm from top and 3cm in diameter. 

Desired outcome A: Reprinted metre please.

Desired outcome B: Return and Refund.

Photos: *attached*


Example C

Name: Jane Smith

Order Number: 1111

Description of flaw: Small ink bleed in fabric approximately 40cm from left hand edge and 30 cm from top; 10cm in diameter. I am still able to use this for what I need, but am unhappy with the amount that will be wasted/not be able to make anything else in future out of what is left due to location of flaw.

Desired outcome A: Return and Reprint fabric.

Desired outcome B: -

Photos: *attached*


We appreciate and trust all of our customers and would hope that people are honest in their flaws and expectations. We will always try to meet those expectations, to ensure a positive experience, however there are occasions where some situations are out of our control. Please be aware that colour variations may occur and designs may print differently to those seen on screen, between companies, different bases and even on different print rounds. We have a fantastic working relationship with our printers and do try our best to ensure the same print colours with each round, however if this is your first time printing a particular design with us, we recommend printing a test metre first.