Collection: Print Your Own

Welcome to our new offering of Print Your Own!

Whether you're a small business or a hobby sewer, designs are in abundance for you to purchase as either a colour exclusive, fully exclusive or non-exclusive. We can offer the perfect place to print those beautiful designs to make those colours and details pop. 

Step 1: Choose your base.

Step 2: Check out and take a note of your order number. 

Step 3: Send your files via WeTransfer (email below).

Step 4: Pop us an email titled with your order number stating how many metres of each design and scale you require (email below).

(Please note: We cannot decide an appropriate scale for you and will print at the scale you requested. We recommend printing your designs at 300dpi for the best quality. Please discuss with the designer if you require a design to be resized - most are more than happy to do this for you)


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