Tuesday's Top Tip - Week 2!

Tuesday's Top Tip - Week 2!

Welcome back! This week we're talking you through our trick to un-pick your overlocked stitches.

First, you're going to find the side of fabric that shows your needle threads and have this facing upwards. It should look something like this...

Trim your tail threads nice and short to make it easier to work with. Locate your needle threads, take your seam ripper to both of your needle threads.

Now, gently pull your needle threads completely out. It's easier if you pull in a sideways motion as opposed to upwards.

This should allow the looper threads to be loose and easily pull away from your fabric.

That's all there is to it!


Extra Tip!: If you're having to unpick a significant length of stitches, you can cut your needle threads at regular intervals along, rather than trying to pull them out in one go!

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